Meter Reading Services:

Accu-Read, Inc. provides contract meter reading services to electric utilities in the States of Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. Accu-Read, Inc will provide the labor resources necessary to read all of the utilities meters. Full time or part time positions. Complete supervision of each account. Accu-Read, Inc. is fully licensed and insured.

Accu-Read, Inc hires and trains local people from each account location. Employees are trained to read all types of meters including clock style meters and electronic commercial meters. Employees are also trained in revenue protection, (energy theft), and customer service. Accu-Read Inc. employees use their own vehicles and are compensated for vehicle mileage. Accu-Read, Inc employees wear uniform vests and carry color photo identification cards.

  • Serving over 80,000 customers monthly in the States of Washington, Oregon and Idaho.

  • Professional fully trained staff

  • Uniforms with color photo identification cards

  • Revenue protection programs including meter sealing and reporting systems

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